May 4, 2006

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I hope this issue finds all our readers happy and healthy.  Things are so hectic right now for my family as we are finishing out the college year and then heading into high school finals in June. Until I find someone to take over Family Tymes, I am going to reduce the issues to once per month. 

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Attitude Check
By Doris Dobkins

Are you good at handling money? Are you good at money management? Robert J. Hastings wrote, “money management is basically self-control, for unless one learns to control himself, he is no more likely to control his money than he is to discipline his habits, his time or his temper. Undisciplined money usually spells undisciplined persons.” (This is a quote, I didn’t say it and I’m sure there are exceptions.)

These are some strong statements but they need to be said. So how do we learn self-control with respect to our money? The key is to obtain a proper attitude. Don’t consider yourself in bondage when managing your money. Look at yourself as FREE when you do manage it correctly. 

You will have freedom and power to do what you should instead of what your impulses suggest.  You won’t have liabilities and debts hanging over your head. You won’t have bill collectors calling you demanding payments. You won’t have the worries associated with debt when you can’t make a payment or met an obligation. And there won’t be extra month at the end of very paycheck. You will learn to be content where you are and with what you have.

So don’t think of money management as a systematic plan, which you must be a slave to. Think of money management as an attitude, your attitude toward how you save, spend and earn your money 

Make today the first day on your quest to financial freedom and a debt free life.


Doris S. Dobkins, is a money saving expert and the author of the book " Financial Freedom from A-Z". She is also the publisher of a weekly online ezine $mart Money New$ full of financial strategies and money saving tips. To subscribe, send an email or visit her web site today at:




For many, the idea of God being their father may not be a pleasant one. We have a human tendency to project our perception of fatherhood, based on our own experience with our earthly fathers, onto our idea of the fatherhood of God. Some never knew their earthly fathers, some had abusive fathers, some were deserted by their fathers, some had loving endearing fathers and some lost their fathers due to sickness or catastrophe.





Got Teens?Got Teens?
By Jill Savage & Pam Farrel

Jill Savage, founder of Hearts at Home ministries, and Pam Farrel, cofounder of Masterful Living Ministries, can shout “Yes” to the question, “Got Teens?” They offer common sense solutions, insightful research, and creative ideas to help women guide their children successfully into adulthood. Moms don’t have to be perfect, just prepared with practical, biblical tools to:

  • identify and develop each child’s strengths
  • discover the heart issues behind behavior  
  • walk along the prodigal in pain
  • turn around destructive behavior or bad  

    Tweens and teens need strong moms who know which parental role to play at the right time. Moms will discover how to serve as a defender, a shepherd, a CEO or one of the other twelve vital roles.


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    Another excellent book from Hearts at Home!  This book gives you plenty of ideas for creating and maintaining a loving relationship with your teenager through the often turbulent adolescent years.

    What sets this book apart from other "parenting teen" books (in my eyes) is that it follows parenting up to the college years and gives you ideas for launching your young adult into the adult world.

    If you have teens and young adults in your home, make sure you get a copy.

    Family Tymes Rating:

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    Looking for a quick breakfast?  Try Anytime Egg Fajitas, taken from the book One-Dish Wonders: In the Kitchen with Mary & Martha by Barbour Publishing.



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