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Lifestyle by Design
by Nancy Schmieder

Health is the greatest treasure one can own and whats more it is free!

Better than wealth, honor or education, good health is our most precious possession. Many are looking for health, happiness and peace of mind.

Good health is more than just eating right, its a lifestyle. And its all up to us individually. Its our choice and the choices we make day by day that will secure us this treasure.

We are creating our own diseases. The solution to most of our health problems today does not depend on our technical advances. Our health is largely determined by our lifestyle choices.

There are certain principles that were designed to bring us the health and vitality we are all looking for. These principles are flexible and easy to adapt to our busy lives. They will give us a NEW START; so we will use this acronym to help us remember each of these eight, simple principles. No matter what the problem, each has the same fix. If we want to win the battle against the epidemic of Western lifestyle diseases, we must break the rich Western lifestyle which is lethal in its excesses. We need to adopt a simpler lifestyle that will give us better health.

N is for nutrition. Foods prepared in a simple manner give us the nutrients needed to make good blood.

E is for exercise. Physical exercise strengthens your body, reduces stress, combats depression, improves sleep, restores energy, strengthens bones.

W is for water. Lighten your bodys metabolic load and increase circulation by rinsing out and refreshing your insides.

S is for sunshine. Lift your spirits, brighten your day, and improve your health by one of the most effective healing agents. The benefits of sunshine are great.

T is for temperance. Live a balanced life. Make time for work, play, rest, exercise, hobbies. Nurture relationships and spiritual growth. Also, protect your body from harmful substances.

A is for air. Keep your lungs healthy and vitalize every part of your system with fresh air.

R is for rest. Revitalizes and refreshes the tired body and soul. The body needs time to repair and restore the damage of daily wear and tear.

T is for trust. A life of quality and fulfillment includes spiritual growth and development.

Love, faith, trust and hope are health enhancing and they bring rewards that endure.

So there you have it. Eight simple habits to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

As we continue on our journey together, step by step, you will learn how to integrate these simple lifestyle changes. We must take charge and the responsibility for our own health. Thats what this course is all about. How to do it. How to live a quality life and how to avoid the most common causes of premature disease and disability.

New habits take time to form, so be patient with yourself as you increasingly learn to Live for health. And remember Health is by Choice - not by chance!


Nancy Schmieder works with the Better Living Ministries in Wayland, NY as a Certified Lifestyle Consultant and Specialist. The Better Living Ministries is a Community Resource for Lifestyle Education and Support. Health by Choice is a practical, simple journey on how to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. Nancy is a Mother of five and she lives with her family in Springwater , NY. Her e-mail address is n.schmieder@frontiernet.net

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