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By Doris S. Dobkins

Let's talk a little bit about credit cards for a moment.  Did you know that baby boomers are the first generation to grow up at ease with credit cards and ATM's.  At the same time consumer debt has also increased to an all time high.  Do these two things have anything in common?  I believe so! 

Using a credit card for purchases tends to increase your average purchase amount as well as increase your impulsive purchases. It is a proven fact that people who accept credit cards get more sales (about 90% more sales).  That’s definitely something to think about.

Question: Where are those sales coming from? 

Answer: Those of us with credit cards in our pocket willing to use them.

 I have a challenge for you.  Can you go for a whole month without using a credit card?  Try it, and see how much money you can savefrom avoiding those impulsive and spur of the moment purchases. 

I know I spend a lot more money in a store when I know I will be charging my purchases.  Carefully determine what you need before you go shopping.  Make a list and stick to it.  If you have to, estimate the cost of what you will be buying and take only enough cash to cover your purchases. 

I can't emphasize this enough.  One of the keys steps towards being debt free is to pay off your cards in full each month.  The other key step is to stop using them - which cuts down on your impulsive and unnecessary spending. 

Instead, invest your savings or put it in the bank. Save up for the things you need and live below your means.  Enjoy a richer fuller life without debt.

Take the challenge and let me know your experience. I'll be glad to print them in my newsletter. 

Send an email to me with “CASH ONLY” as the subject or click on the link below:

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Doris S. Dobkins, is a money saving expert and the author of the book " Financial Freedom from A-Z". She is also the publisher of a weekly online ezine $mart Money New$ full of financial strategies and money saving tips. To subscribe, send an email or visit her web site today at:


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